National Curriculum

Despite the importance we give to international programmes, we know that most of our students will follow their undergraduate studies in Peru, and, therefore, our international programmme should not completely replace the traditional subjects in the Peruvian curriculum or harm our students’ chances of admission to the national universities. As a result, courses relating specifically to the national reality have an important place within our curriculum.

The acquisition of the mother tongue, accurate reading comprehension, development of coherent and concise composition skills and the pleasure of exploring the richness of Peruvian, Latin American and Iberian literature are objectives of our "Communicación" programme.

Developing an awareness of national reality is not confined to our classrooms. Our "Historia del Perú" programme makes the events of our history more understandable to the new generation through visits to local sites and field trips to the different regions of Peru.

The possibility of exploring the varied geographical regions of the country, studying their characteristics and difficulties, on the ground, and not only in photos, is which distinguishes our programme of "Geografía".

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