Academics Aims and Objectives

1. To promote the holistic development of its students, stimulating their cognitive, physical, cultural and spiritual faculties.

2. To promote the development of abilities which allow mastery of the written and spoken word in Spanish and English and understanding of French.

3. To offer students learning opportunities which lead to the acquisition of in-depth knowledge in the humanistic, scientific and technological areas and which develop their capacity to understand, analyse, explain and evaluate the natural, cultural and social media on a local, national and international level.

4. To cultivate an understanding of the Peruvian reality and stimulate students to participate responsibly and creatively in the transformation and improvement of their community. 

Sports and Arts Aims and Objectives

1. To stimulate appreciation of, and creativity in, the arts.

2. To develop physical skills, offering opportunities to develop sporting abilities and learn new techniques, represent the school in competitive teams. 

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